Farmfolio is on a Mission

Our company is based on a firm belief in the potential of agriculture in the developing world. Our mission is to further agricultural development by identifying opportunities, raising capital, and managing agribusiness projects. We are confident that this model can support communities, treat the environment responsibly, and generate long-term yield for investors.

Agriculture is a dynamic, essential, and rapidly changing industry. Consumer demand is evolving, emerging markets are expanding, and new regions of production are being explored. This shifting landscape creates many openings, and Farmfolio’s team is always on the lookout for attractive opportunities, wherever they may be. We explore every phase of the supply chain in order to maximize agriculture’s potential.

Across the developing world, small and medium sized agricultural producers struggle to enter the global supply chain. Without adequate access to capital financing, logistical support, and modern corporate management techniques, it can be difficult for these businesses to succeed, no matter the quality of their products. By partnering with Farmfolio, these businesses can obtain the capital they require, receive financial oversight from Farmfolio’s team, connect to an international community of agribusiness professionals.

Fundamentally, Farmfolio’s goal is to solve agribusiness problems. We identify shortcomings across the agricultural supply chain and implement strategic, long-term improvements. We’ve helped small growers with great products enter high-end markets. We’ve helped producers add value to their operations by building and operating processing facilities. We’ve helped business owners develop winning strategies based on expert analysis. Farmfolio’s commitment to solving agribusiness problems is creating shared value across the agricultural supply chain – and we’re just getting started.

Investment Strategies

Executive Team

Dax Cooke
Oscar Baracaldo
Director, Partner
Peter Kern
Director, Partner


  • Sales Operations Analyst Business Development ◆ Finance ◆ Marketing ◆ Part-time ◆ Miami, Florida

    Farmfolio seeks a Sales Operations Analyst to support the sales team with accurate, comprehensive, and pertinent data and analysis. We’re looking for a detail and deadline-oriented individual to help us ensure the seamless operation and efficiency of our sales team. An ideal candidate will be a self-motivated, creative, and unique thinker who can draw relevant conclusions about markets and trends in order to provide the sales team with well-informed strategic support.

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  • Cost Accountant Finance ◆ Full-time ◆ Miami, Florida

    Accounting is an essential task at any company, and Farmfolio is no exception. We are currently seeking an attentive, detail oriented Cost Accountant who can meet deadlines, work independently, and balance a variety of critical functions. Any motivated, talented individual with experience in this field and a desire to work with a dynamic, multicultural team is encouraged to apply.

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  • Financial Analyst Finance ◆ Full-time ◆ Miami, Florida

    Farmfolio seeks a dedicated, knowledgeable financial analyst to join our team, preferably one with a special focus on the agricultural sector and emerging markets. The ideal candidate will have considerable experience in the field of analysis, a proven track record of correctly interpreting and anticipating economic trends, and an innate ability to tell the story behind the numbers.

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  • Export Support Business Development ◆ Finance ◆ Marketing ◆ Full-time ◆ Medellín, Colombia

    Farmfolio seeks an Export Support professional to join its logistical team. An ideal candidate will be able to perform documentation activities and functions with minimal supervision and in compliance with organizational policies and objectives. This position is based in the beautiful, dynamic city of Medellín, Colombia.

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We Make Agribusiness Dreams a Reality

Farmfolio sees the potential in agribusiness - potential that is often limited by inadequate access to capital. We raise capital so that you can focus on what matters most - building your business. Learn how Farmfolio is helping agribusinesses realize their full potential.

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Generate long-term yield by investing in the future of agribusiness

Opportunities for investment exist at all phases of the agricultural supply chain, and it is Farmfolio’s goal to seek them out. By cultivating an informed, disciplined approach to investment, we are able to locate and develop attractive, high-yield opportunities.

Every relationship that Farmfolio builds is based on interest alignment. By understanding the unique goals of our investors, we are able to identify opportunities that suit their needs. Farmfolio structures trust-based relationships with our investors, partners, growers, and all of our stakeholders, in order to create shared value and returns.

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