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Investing in the Potential of Agribusiness

Farmfolio is based on a deep belief in the potential of the land and the people who cultivate it. Across the agricultural supply chain, we seek out opportunities to use modern capital financing to transform small and medium enterprises into thriving agribusinesses. Learn more about how you or your business can join us on our mission to develop sustainable, socially responsible agricultural projects.
We're About More Than Money
When a business enters into a partnership with Farmfolio, it receives much more than capital financing - it enters into a community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to driving agribusiness forward. Learn how Farmfolio's services can take your business to the next level.
Farmfolio can provide the capital your business needs to reach the next stage of its growth. All of our relationships are founded on interest alignment, so when you do well, so do we.
All of our projects are managed with the goal of ensuring long-term success. We understand the unique goals of each business we partner with, and take every step we can to meet them.
Entering into a partnership with Farmfolio grants businesses access to our international community of experienced professionals, investors, and distributors. With Farmfolio, businesses can connect to the agribusiness universe like never before.
We understand the challenges that small and medium enterprises face when trying to enter the global supply chain. Our trusted brands and global promotion desks can help your business access the right markets.
We Make Agribusiness Dreams a Reality
In the developing world, small and medium enterprises struggle to enter the global supply chain. Many have the motivation, the talent, and the goods to succeed, but simply lack the access to capital, management, and connectivity. Farmfolio's elite services can put the dreams of these enterprises within reach.
Human Capital
Farmfolio's partners have access to unequaled human capital. From agronomists to accountants to procurement specialists and more, our team is composed of agribusiness's best and brightest. No matter the challenge, our team has someone who is ready and willing to meet it.
Logistics is one of the major challenges faced by businesses in the developing world. Growers in isolated regions can produce incredible products, but without adequate logistics, they stand no chance of entering high-end markets. Our management services can ensure that products arrive quickly and safely at ports, distribution centers, or wherever they may be headed.
Legal Support
One of Farmfolio's most important functions is to provide legal support to its partners. We help businesses navigate the complex regulatory framework that often impedes growth in developing countries. With Farmfolio, small and medium agribusinesses don't have to fight their legal battles alone.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who can apply?
    Any small business owners in the agricultural sector are invited to apply, however, Farmfolio is currently dedicated to pursuing projects in Latin America. Businesses dealing in tropical fruits, specifically those located in Colombia or Panama, are encouraged to apply.
  • How is capital raised?
    Capital is raised by offering investors equity in a Limited Liability Partnership via an innovative product known as Farmshares. With Farmshares, investors can certify their stake in a agribusiness project using an encrypted certificate. This way, investors are assured maximum asset protection and tax flexibility.
  • What services does Farmfolio offer?
    Farmfolio offers elite financial and agribusiness management services. Not only can we raise the capital needed to transform your business, but we can guide your project towards success by providing access to our corporate team. Our ventures are all based on interest alignment, so we don't make money unless our partners do.
  • What type of business does Farmfolio focus on?
    Farmfolio focuses on agribusiness. From growing to processing to distributing, Farmfolio seeks to integrate the supply chain, and manages assets at all stages. We are currently focused on tropical fruits and processed hardwoods, however, we are open to expansion into other markets.
  • Where is Farmfolio based?
    Farmfolio is currently based in the beautiful, dynamic city of Medellín, Colombia. From our base of operations, we keep a close eye on our operations in Colombia and Panama. We also have outposts in the United States, Panama, the Netherlands, and Dubai.
  • How does Farmfolio distribute its products?
    Following our mission to integrate the agricultural supply chain, Farmfolio attempts to distribute via its own brands as much as possible. This allows us to cut out the middleman and add value to our operations. Farmfolio currently operates La Dona Fruit, our tropical fruits brand, and Burroteka, our processed teak hardwoods brand.
  • What kind of relationship does Farmfolio have with its partners?
    Farmfolio's partners work closely with the management team to coordinate the most essential functions of the business. We understand that each business has different needs and different goals. Farmfolio works with its partners to develop a shared vision for the future of the business.
  • What portion of the business is owned by Farmfolio's partners?
    The ownership of our ventures is split principally between three groups: our partners, our investors, and us. The exact ownership percentage varies by project, and Farmfolio works hard to reach agreements that are favorable to all parties concerned.
  • What regions does Farmfolio focus on?
    Farmfolio is principally focused on agricultural development in Latin America. Our distribution network is most heavily concentrated in Europe, although we also serve clients in the USA, India, the UAE, and other regions.
  • Do I have to be an accredited investor in order to invest?
    If you are located in the United States, you must be an accredited investor in order to invest. If you are outside of the US, you do not have to be accredited.
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