At Farmfolio, we take a hands-on approach to project development. That’s why we began exporting Tahiti limes from Colombia well in advance of the opening of our Valle Verde project’s packhouse facility. Gaining crucial knowledge of the specific requirements of each of our target markets has been a key compenent of our strategy since the inception of the project.

In order to broaden our understanding of markets, prepare our operations team for opening, and establish a presence for our La Dona brand in the lime space, we have been utilizing an auxiliary packing facility for the Valle Verde project. In this video, Farmfolio founder and CEO Dax Cooke visits the auxiliary packing facility to help prepare for a shipment to the United States.

Although this auxiliary packhouse doesn’t possess the same technological capacities as ours will, the experience of packing and exporting is invaluable as we prepare to open the Valle Verde faciliy. Our machines will have more sophisticated sorting and classification modules, and vastly superior pre-cooling and cold storage solutions. Nonetheless, we are working hard to meet our client’s requirements and we are expecting positive feedback. Stay tuned!

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