AgInvestor is here. Since the beginning, creating a digital auction platform for agribusiness assets has been at the core of our vision as a company. Now, after years of effort, agribusiness wealth can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, for as little as $1,000.

The AgInvestor platform brings unprecedented accessibility, transparency, and liquidity options to the agriculture space. This groundbreaking solution will change the face of agriculture, eliminating the high capital barriers to entry and opening up the universe to global participants.

AgInvestor Launch Webinar Featuring COO Oscar Baracaldo

With the AgInvestor, parties are able to:

  • Bid on agribusiness-related assets
  • Conduct secure transactions
  • Explore new opportunities in agribusiness

Each week, Farmfolio will send AgInvestor notifications to Farmfolio’s network of over 6,000 stakeholders, who will be able to offer bids to potential sellers. This reverse auction process will fractionalize agribusiness wealth, offering access to the space to a group of participants that, until now, has been barred from entry by high capital requirements and a lack of local access.

Stat tuned for more updates on AgInvestor and other Farmfolio projects.

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