Nothing says summer like a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade!

And thanks to a recently-established partnership with California-based Limoneira, your glass will never run dry. Why? Because Argentine lemons are once again available in the U.S.!

While importing this quintessential summer fruit has something of a contentious history, an additional source for the sour fruit is sure to sweeten up consumer opinions by ensuring continuous lemon access throughout the warmer months.

This mutually beneficial partnership also bodes well for the import prospects of more exotic fruit from the region.


While citrus farmers in this South American country were certainly not completely unaffected by the drought, lemon production remained steady throughout the year.

Citrus isn’t the only area where Argentina shines, though. Cherry production has doubled over the past decade, and remained high even during the 2017/2018 growing season.

Blueberries production is also on the rise (although Argentina’s exports of the antioxidant-packed fruit currently falls behind Chile and Peru. The nation will likely beat out the recently USDA-approved Guatemalan shipments for the time being.)

Despite dealing with a year of less-than-ideal weather conditions, Argentina remains a fertile nation full of proven fruit production success, making it ripe for investment opportunities…and good reminder that life giving you lemons isn’t always a bad thing!

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