Open Investments / June 19, 2020

CANs: Agriculture Investing Reimagined

Farmfolio is excited to announce the launch of our latest offering – Collateralized Agribusiness Notes, or CANs. These high-yield, short-duration debt instruments will further our vision of democratizing agribusiness, opening up the ag space to a group of investors who could previously only participate through large, unwieldy institutions.

CANs will finance the crucial time-sensitive transactions at the downstream end of the agricultural supply chain, such as accounts receivables, tax credits, and warehouse receipts. By allowing vetted agribusinesses to access funds on a shorter time horizon, CANs will be a huge boon to the agriculture industry in emerging markets.

Collateralized, high-yield, and ESG-friendly, CANs are a revolutionary product that will allow investors to gain exposure to the ag sector in emerging markets. Ideal for those looking to diversify into non-correlated, alternative assets, CANs are a win-win for investors, agribusinesses, and the ag sector as a whole.

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