Burroteka / February 12, 2020

Colombian Teak – Burroteka 2020 Update

Don’t miss this special update on our Burroteka project with Oscar Baracaldo and Adelbert Lazay! The first leg of Oscar’s journey down the teak road, this update details Burroteka’s strategy for 2020, as we continue to bring premium Colombian teak to the world. As we move the project forward, our sights are set on achieving greater efficiencies, deepening our relationships with buyers, and adding a second shift at our sawmill. Stay tuned for more updates as Oscar continues his journey down the teak road to Europe and India!


Burroteka’s unique approach to transforming the teak supply chain in Colombia has quickly made us one of the nation’s top exporters of sawn teak. With a centralized hub for in-country processing, growers know they can sell their teak locally at a fair price. International buyers now have the chance to process teak in the country of origin. And this also don’t have to waste money and fuel shipping unused wood to domestic facilities.


Colombia’s teak is prized around the world for its ideal grain, color, and density. Colombian teak has become extremely popular in India, the world’s largest consumer of teak, where it is used for a variety of purposes including construction, furniture, and traditional artisanry.

The teak supply chain in Colombia has benefitted tremendously from the presence of a local primary transformation facility with the ability to enter foreign markets directly. With this model, Burroteka is adding value to the country’s teak resources. So it ensuring traceability across the supply chain and improving logistical efficiencies for buyers.

Colombia’s Sinú River Valley is an ideal location for plantation teak. The perfect balance of rainfall and sunlight produces teak with incredible durability, tensile strength, and aesthetic appearance. This is truly the best of Colombian teak, and it is Burroteka’s mission to bring it to the world.

Stay tuned for more updates on our Burroteka project!

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