Monthly Updates / May 13, 2016

Cattle and Agroforestry – Ganaderia Pietrasanta Q1 is now officially in the books!

It was a busy 3 months on the farm. Cattle buying has continued it’s projected monthly increase of 400 head. Despite the dry conditions throughout the winter in Monteria, cattle weight gains came in better than expected. Purchases from Februaries auction showed an average of 80 kilo’s of weight gain in just 2.5 months, which is 18% more than projected.

Dax Cooke at Pietrasanta with the GP team

Conditions at Pietrasanta are beginning to improve as the summer rains are approaching. In preparation for the wet season, fencing is being improved, and proper treatments for cattle are being administered. We are expecting a strong harvest of Maracuya this season, which should begin in June. Initial coconut preparations are being made and plant-sourcing arrangements are being coordinated for Q3 of this year. Resident Agronomist Hernan is working with University professors to source all required plants and equipment for plantation development. Teak maintenance and thinning operations continued and are making final preparations for the summer season.

Mauricio Posada and Peter Kern

Board member Peter Kern and FF CEO Dax Cooke were both present to review cattle inventories, review tree crop implementation plans for the remainder of the year, and inspect the new reservoir project that is being proposed by farm management.