Finance & Markets / September 14, 2016

The green coconut nursery: CEO Update 09/14/2016

The progress of the Development team is well into its second month at GP. The green coconut nursery as well as its irrigation system have been completed and all 11,000 nuts are tucked comfortably into their sand beds. The agronomy team expects germination to occur in about 45-60 days. Shortly after germination, the nuts will be placed into bags with organic fertilizer and nitrogen supplements wo kann ich midi files kostenlosen. 30 days later, the nuts will be laid into their permanent home.

The good news is that the 4-year harvest schedule begins when the nuts germinate, so we are right on schedule. We have already placed our second order for the next batch of 11,000 seeds, which are scheduled to arrive in December. The expectation is to plant all 250 hectares by the end of 2017 how to delete I. We will have a slightly higher labor cost than expected, but we will be a full year ahead of schedule if everything goes according to plan.

Cattle inventories are rising and we are well into our third month of purchasing. The latest count at the farm is of 1875 heads, with an average weight of 310 kilos. We will continue to purchase during the month of September and into early October herunterladen. Our target acquisition number for the fall is of 2500. The average purchase price has been between $4200-4350 (COP) per kilo, which is normal for this time of year. The strategy is to sell as many heads as possible over 450 kilos before February 15th to capture the futures pricing set by Minerva Foods. We will then take a 30-45 day break to allow the farm to recuperate during the dry season herunterladen.

Typically prices

Prices typically touch bottom at around $3500-3800 (COP) per kilo towards the end of March or the beginning of April. We will then purchase as many heads as possible during this time and offload in August at peak pricing. We anticipate that this new timed buying will double our projected dividends during the first year blingee kostenlos downloaden. The Team also began preparing the new feedlot system for animals over 400 kilos and we will be growing our own feed in order to minimize costs. Approximately, 5 hectares have been dedicated to corn production and agronomist Bruce Hill is preparing a separate nursery for forage production. The feedlot will give heavier animals maximum weight gains during their final weeks at the ranch.

August was a little slow for the capital raising campaign with school getting back in session and the end of summer vacation, but September has been very busy spiel über steam downloaden! As of Monday, September 12 th , Farmfolio Ganaderia Pietrasanta I LLC is fully subscribed!

August was a little slow for the capital raising campaign with school getting back in session and the end of summer vacation, but September has been very busy! As of Monday, September 12 th , Farmfolio Ganaderia Pietrasanta I LLC is fully subscribed!

This offering will be similar to a B round and will not dilute any of the current holders ukrainian music kostenlos downloaden. Our objective with this offering is liquidate a portion of the company’s shares to fund our next project. We will offer 5000 shares at $1,000 per share. We have updated the valuation of the project on this offering to reflect the new coconut tree counts, pricing, and cattle models. The result of all of these updates has increased the discounted cash flow valuation to almost $65,000 per share elster income tax notice 2018!

As previously announced,

we were extremely conservative when preparing the original model for FFGP I. We are now adjusting the share values to the actual development plan and market pricing. The new offering will be sold at approximately 33% discount to the discounted cash flow valuation of $1,533 per share. Our objective in pricing was to target 14% IRR on a 20-year model and maintaining an average 20-year dividend of 20% rollercoaster tycoon 5 download kostenlos.

The Executive team will be hitting the road this fall to launch the new offering and promote the upcoming Aginvestor App. We will be visiting 10 cities in the next 60 days and would like to invite all shareholders to visit with us if we’re in your area. All of the dates and cities can be found on the website,, under the events tab. Friends are welcome! If you would like to reserve a spot, please contact Rita Karpel at, [email protected]

The long awaited Aginvestor app is live ps4 update 7.02 herunterladen nicht möglich! Well, at least beta web version, which will be available beginning September 18 th.

The cell phone app is pending app store and play store approval, but should follow shortly. This great new app will allow you to view farm activity, holdings, forms, and reserve shares of new projects. We are working with Strip Financial to streamline share purchases and share dividends. We hope to have everything setup on ACH by the end of the year. The Farmshares exchange is now in wire framing and we will begin development sometime in November. We anticipate the platform will be ready to rock once the original shares meet their 1-year requirement for resale.

Farmfolio Team