Latin America / November 21, 2017

Female Agriculture Figure Beats the Odds

Female Agriculture Figure Beats the Odds & Creates an Economy for Panamanian Farming Communities in the Process

Panamanian Pineapple Producers Partner Up with US Fintech Company for Expansion


BIRMINGHAM, Ala.Nov. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Farmfolio, an agriculture finance company that structures projects in order to create direct access for investors while maintaining a focus on the land, family, and heritage that these farms represent, launched today a sustainable pineapple operation 2 years in the making. PANAMA GOLDEN PINEAPPLE (PGP) is operated by the Vergara family under the Verba Odrec brand. With over 40 years of agriculture experience, PGP is a global gap certified operation comprised of 290 acres of farmland as well as a fully operational pack house.

Dax Cooke, Farmfolio’s CEO said: “We are very proud to partner up with farmers that have a successful track record for our new pineapple project in Panama. Which is located just 40 minutes from the Panama Canal. And where the Vergara family’s infrastructure provides a rare opportunity to participate in this high yielding industry”.

Since late August, Farmfolio’s team has been working closely with the Vergara family in preparation for this launch and as a result their 40-years of agriculture legacy are beautifully showcased in the new PGP video.

The Vergara family

The Vergara family has been reliably producing premium golden pineapple for the last 17 years with an operation that was jump started by Edna Vergara. A pioneer in pineapple export in Panama, Edna began experimenting with several exotic fruits and vegetables on a small tract of land during the early 2000s in the Chorrera region, located in the outskirts of Panama City. Back then, most of the produce was sold at farmer markets and the proceeds were used to keep the operation going.

During the course of the next 20 years, Edna organized and grew the business along with 55 local growers. Which would go on to construct the first pineapple export facility in Panama. Edna’s creation would go on to attract multinational companies and spurn a movement; that has made Panama one of the top pineapple producers in Central America. Furthermore, in 2007, Edna was the first female recipient of Panama’s Agriculture Person of the Year award. Today, she continues to lead the growth of Panama’s agricultural movement as the president of the National Export Association. Her story has inspired hundreds of local women and farmers to grow more. And push Panama to the forefront of agricultural exports, while maintaining environmentally friendly methods.

Oscar Baracaldo, Farmfolio’s Operations Manager said: “We share Edna’s vision and we invite those out there who share this same vision to be a part of this new journey.”

This new partnership between the Vergara family and Farmfolio seeks to augment the positive economic, social, and environmental impact that Edna envisioned so many years ago as well as further Farmfolio’s mission to enable investors to participate directly and build equity in farms and agricultural businesses that they believe in.

Oscar Baracaldo, Operations Manager
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (786) 220-4766

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