Throughout our journey we’ve been supported by a wide range of fantastic people. Now, it is our pleasure to introduce you to two longtime friends and collaborators: Peter Badger and Karen Williams of Global Investor Alliance.

Peter and Karen have long shared our vision of sustainable agribusiness development. They see the ag space like we do –  as a source of lasting wealth that is isolated from the volatility of publicly traded markets.

Next week Wednesday, Peter and Karen will be presenting an exclusive seminar for Farmfolio’s community. This seminar is a primer on farmland investing: the benefits of the assets class, how to evaluate risk, and how to access the space.

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Farmland is an asset class with many benefits: it appreciates over the long term, it is a non-correlated store of wealth, and it generates cash yields for income-seeking investors. Join Peter and Karen for this exclusive seminar to learn if farmland assets are right for you.

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