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FRUIT LOGISTICA Sets the 2019 Produce Agenda

Building a business doesn’t happen by accident. FRUIT LOGISTICA, an annual gathering of over 3,200 fresh produce industry exhibitors and 78,000 trade visitors from 130 countries is built around this understanding. The event, which takes place February 6-8, covers every aspect of the industry: production, packaging, sales, logistics, innovations, products, and services bestseller books for free.

FRUIT LOGISTICA Sets the 2019 Produce Agenda

The sheer volume of industry participants presents an opportunity for building partnerships and connections that businesses from around the world cannot afford to miss. Fortunately, FRUIT LOGISTICA participants don’t have to waste any of their precious time blindly wandering from stall to stall in search of business opportunities minecraft mods gratis herunterladen. FL’s Virtual Market Place® gives attendees all the benefits of getting to Berlin early…way early.

“In many respects, the three days of FRUIT LOGISTICA, the leading exhibition for the global fruit trade, will set the course for the success of the entire business year,” says Madlen Miserius, Senior Product Manager at FRUIT LOGISTICA. “This makes it all the more important to arrive in Berlin perfectly prepared. Available in German, English, and Spanish, the FRUIT LOGISTICA Virtual Market Place offers an ideal support platform for this purpose spiele herunterladen für pc. The tool offers much more than a list of exhibitors with details about exhibition halls and stand numbers. Extensive filtering options allow users to narrow down their search – for example, by segments, products, services, and countries. Our networking tool enables users to schedule appointments and establish business contacts with just a few simple clicks.”

In addition to endless opportunities to connect in person, Miserius points out “FRUIT LOGISTICA’s Virtual Market Place offers a comprehensive overview of companies along the supply chain within the global fresh produce business herunterladen. Industry professionals can access this valuable database not only during the three days of the exhibition but 365 days a year.” This accessibility allows attendees to build connections long after their time in Berlin.

2019’s gathering will also include the first-ever FRUIT LOGISTICA Start-Up Day event on February 8th. The event theme “Disrupt Agriculture” will highlight young and innovative companies who are focused on improving efficiency and sustainability within the produce industry form tax return 2012 as pdf. The new addition will serve as a gathering place for businesses interested in connecting with start-ups, and the Start-up Stage will allow new enterprises an opportunity to showcase their work and vision.

In addition to networking opportunities, FRUIT LOGISTICA also connects produce entrepreneurs with the latest industry information. The FL European Statistics Handbook provides key insights to the European market, where between 45 and 70 percent of all worldwide fruit exports end up older windows 10 version. The handbook covers broad trends (“convenience is in demand everywhere, even though not all consumers are willing to admit it; and ethics are influencing buying decisions more and more”), and breaks down country and regionally specific statistics regarding production, imports, and exports.

Miserius’s final word of advice to those looking to maximize the value of their time at FRUIT LOGISTICA is to look forward. “Is there anyone who hasn’t asked themselves the question—what lies ahead for the fresh produce trade?” she asks downloaden engels. “Knowledge and expertise form the best foundation for solid business planning and sound decisions in an increasingly complex world. I can highly recommend the comprehensive FRUIT LOGISTICA supporting program from February 6-8 to everyone who is interested in innovative solutions and current trends.” 

A detailed look at the FRUIT LOGISTICA happenings is available on their events page. As the Farmfolio team looks forward to Berlin, Operations Manager Oscar Baracaldo reflects on the Farmfolio journey and looks forward to the future:

“The size of the operation usually dictates what the farmer does windows 7 loader kostenlos. Small farmers would often have to do everything themselves, from planting and managing to harvesting and sales. This can be a titanic set of tasks that can spread farmers thin, thus not allowing them to focus on actual farming. Part of what we call “UNLOCKING THE OPERATOR” is the objective of our promotion program where our farmer partners do not fly solo anymore. This has resulted in us as Farmfolio providing our Farm Partners with the opportunity to have access to consulting from different perspectives including Finance, Management, Operations, and lastly Marketing herunterladen.

The marketing and sales piece are of great importance as selling the right product to the right territories under the right windows makes a tremendous difference when it comes to margins. Often enough, farmers find themselves flying solo to navigate these complex environments leaving them stretched too thin and, in most cases, leaving aspects of the business unattended. 

As we visit Fruit Logistica for the second time after a successful 2018 edition, we ride to Berlin with PGP’s pineapple harvest at our doors and a solid team with a common purpose: “INCREASING MARGINS” audio texts to download. Our task is “SIMPLE” increase PGP’s airfreight business above 20% of our total capacity. We are already on track as PGP’s entire sea freight production is already committed for 2019. Existing customers have already signed MOUs to increase their orders and throughout the beginning of 2019, we have confirmed MOUs from new customers. By increasing our airfreight business, PGP will be able to perceive a revenue increase per box of as much as 25%. Today we count with over 10% of PGPs entire plantation destined towards Air Pineapple. After our visit to Fruit Logistica, we expect to reach our Air Pineapple objective by no later than the end of the 3rd quarter of 2019.”

Stay tuned in early February for updates from the Farmfolio team in Berlin!

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