Emerging Markets / February 6, 2018

Fruit Logistica: A Staple of Fresh Fruit and Produce

Fruit Logistica is one of the world’s leading annual conferences as it relates to the fruit and produce wholesale markets. Held in Berlin, Germany since 1993, Fruit Logistica currently brings together over 3,000 exhibitors and approximately 76,000 visitors, usually during the early months of the year. However, that is not all, given Fruit Logistica’s success, the conference has created an additional franchise in Asia. Fruit Logistica Asia held its first gathering in Bangkok, Thailand in 2007 and has become the region’s leading fresh fruit and vegetable trade show. This year, Fruit Logistica is holding its staple conference in Berlin from February 7 through 9 as well as Fruit Logistica Asia in Hong Kong from September 5 through 7. Furthermore, 2018 will be the premiere year for Fruit Logistica China, to be held in Shanghai from May 14 through 16.

This year, Fruit Logistica exhibitors and speakers will be discussing a variety of topics that are relevant to the industry, including fresh fruit and vegetables, dried fruit and nuts, packaging and labelling, transport and logistical systems, produce handling and storage, cultivation systems, and greenhouse technology. Likewise, every year, a specific product is recognized with Fruit Logistica’s Innovation Award (FLIA). For instance, in 2016, Genuine Coconut, an easy-to-drink patented organic coconut, won the FLIA.

Fruit Logistica: A Staple of Fresh Fruit and Produce

Farmfolio is honored to be participating at this year’s Fruit Logistica conference in Berlin for the first time and to be highlighting its high-quality products, particularly our Panama Golden Pineapples (PGP). As part of Farmfolio’s showcase at Fruit Logistica, we are presenting wholesale and retail distributors the benefits of investing in our PGP offering, given the fact that they get to custom brand the product as their own, complete with custom tags and boxes that can be proudly displayed on store shelves and promoted in company marketing materials.

At Farmfolio, we understand that today’s consumers want to know more about the products that they are purchasing than ever before. Therefore, increasing transparency is hitting every industry like a tidal wave and those that adapt are the ones that will not only survive, but also thrive. Furthermore, we understand that having price and market window advantages are critical to a successful fruit and produce business. This is why we work with food marketers seeking a competitive edge by enabling them to access supply ownership opportunities at a fraction of what it would cost to develop an agricultural operation on their own. Better margins allows marketers to undercut the competition, to gain increased market share, or to simply increase the bottom line with existing customers.

Wholesale and retail companies should take advantage of Farmfolio’s Panama Golden Pineapple operation, which is made up of 117.7 hectares of completely farmable land. Assuming that only 46 hectares are yielding at full output annually, because of land rotation and staggered cultivation, the plantation will produce 312,000 export quality boxes of ultra-premium pineapples annually.

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