Burroteka / September 5, 2019

Infrastructure Charges Forward in Colombia

People all over Medellín had cause for celebration last month when the regional government of Antioquia opened the long-awaited Túnel de Oriente, or Eastern Tunnel, to motor traffic on the 15th of August. The tunnel will connect the Valley of Aburrá, where the majority of Medellín’s metropolitan area is located, with the Valley of San Nicolás, which is home to Farmfolio’s headquarters. 

Many of Farmfolio’s staff members will see their commutes drastically shortened, and the city will now be more accessible to people living on the outskirts. Access to the airport will also significantly improve, with total driving time from the city center reduced by about half an hour. Logistically, the tunnel will make all of our lives easier.

But the tunnel represents much more than just a shorter commute for our people. It is indicative of a widespread trend in Colombia of large-scale, forward-thinking infrastructural investment that has seen billions of dollars poured into the country’s roads, airports, and sea ports. According to export.gov, the construction industry is poised to exhibit strong growth this year due to “…continued progress on several infrastructure projects…” which will increase the country’s ability to compete economically.

With easy access to two oceans and the Panama Canal, infrastructural development will position Colombia perfectly to capitalize on its natural geographical advantages as well as its abundant resources and natural splendor. 

Perhaps the most ambitious infrastructure project currently underway is the Master Plan for Intermodal Transport, the largest infrastructure project in Latin America, which seeks almost $70 billion for far-reaching improvements to Colombia’s road system. The plan will connect Colombia’s secondary and tertiary cities, as well as modernize existing roads in order to further advance the nation’s logistical capabilities. 

Investors all over the world are beginning to recognize Colombia’s vast potential, and have funneled billions of dollars into helping this potential be realized. At Farmfolio, we are proud to be taking part in this process. Click here to learn more about how you can benefit from the ongoing development of this wonderful country.