Agroforestry / March 13, 2016

Ganadería Pietrasanta. Interview with Mauricio Posada

Interview with Mauricio Posada (Ganadería Pietrasanta).

About Ganadería Pietrasanta

Farmfolio‘s inaugural project, Pietrasanta is a diversified agricultural asset dedicated to the production of coconuts, teak logs, and cattle. Located 35 kilometers from Montería, Colombia. The property features 230 hectares of Malayan Dwarf Coconut palm trees, a teak plantation of 64 hectares, and an intensive grass-fed cattle operation. Originally one of three ranches that used to make up the region’s iconic farm “La Antioqueña”. Pietrasanta is an historic property with a rich agricultural tradition. With plentiful water resources, rich soil, and an ideal proximity to major ports, the Pietrasanta property is an ideal location for agricultural development in Colombia.




The Malayan Dwarf Coconut Palm is one of the most resilient and productive varieties of palm tree on Earth. In this case, ‘dwarf’ does not refer to the size of the tree. But rather the early stage at which the Malayan Dwarf can begin producing harvestable coconuts. Highly resistant to the devastating Lethal Yellowing plant disease, the Malayan Dwarf is one of the most popular varieties for export.

Teak Logs

Colombia’s Sinu River Valley is one of the best locations in the world to develop an agroforestry operation and grow high-quality, sustainable teak. By sourcing our hardwood locally, Burro Teka’s sawmill enjoys a significant competitive advantage due to its lower transportation costs. Additionally, by sourcing regionally we are able to integrate our supply chain. While also fostering development in our beautiful country and contributing to the national economy.

Grass fed Cattle

The basis of a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry, cattle are a critical part of the global food supply. Between beef, dairy, and hides, cattle have many profitable uses. The land on which our cattle graze has been used by ranchers for generations, and our cattle are raised using humane, sustainable practices.