Emerging Markets / October 5, 2019

La Dona European Market Expansion Tour

La Dona European Market Expansion Tour.

Join Dax Cooke and Klaus Salentin, Farmfolio’s new Sales Representative for Northern Europe. They travel to various fruit markets in Germany. And they also meeting with customers and assessing market conditions. Just as a part of our continued expansion into European markets.


About La Dona

La Dona is Farmfolio’s tropical fruits brand. Currently specializing in high-color, high-maturity pineapples via air freight, La Dona is quickly expanding its market presence worldwide. The brand will distribute the limes produced by the Valle Verde project as well as coconuts from Ganadería Pietrasanta. As Farmfolio expands, La Dona will be the vehicle through which the company markets its various fruit products.

Products: Pineapple

Our special MD2-variety pineapple is outstandingly sweet and juicy, and our sustainable. Artisan-style farming techniques allow us to deliver some the highest quality fruits on the market. By concentrating on air freight shipments to high-end markets in Europe, PGP is able to provide fruits with high- and ultra-high maturity and color, which guarantees a high Brix level and delicious flavor. We take great pride in the quality of our pineapples.

Consumer perception of pineapple is changing. No longer viewed as an exotic fruit, demand continues to grow, and markets in places like the Netherlands and Germany have huge appetites for it. Emerging markets in Asia are now developing middle classes with the purchasing power to attract the import of high-quality tropical fruit like pineapple. And this dynamic change to the market is propelling growth forward.

In the last ten years, growth in global production of pineapple by volume has increased nearly four-fold to a global wholesale market close to USD 15 billion. With the fruit now outselling avocado as the most sought-after fruit in high-end markets such as the United Kingdom. Although production is heavily concentrated in Costa Rica, growing demand necessitates the geographic expansion of production, and the lush coastal lowlands of Panama are an ideal location.