Finance & Markets / April 11, 2020

La Dona Fruit Logistica Wrap-Up on youtube

Fruit Logistica Wrap-Up

Dax and Tom deliver a summary of La Dona ‘s achievements at Fruit Logistica in Berlin.

Our Fruits

At La Dona Fruit, we put our heart and soul in every golden pineapple we plant, grow, and export. We combine our commitment to quality with our passion for sustainability by integrating the most advanced technologies in sourcing, quality control, and distribution.

Our Fruit Produce

From seed to plant, we nurture each fruit with love and energy; continuing the tradition that our founder Edna Vergara began fifty years ago.

Our mission is to provide the world with the freshest, highest quality tropical fruits on the market. The quality of our products is guaranteed by decades of tradition – come take a look.

  • 1977
Our journey begins on a small, one-hectare farm in the coastal lowlands of Panama. Our founder, Edna Vergara, together with her family and fellow farmers, worked tirelessly to develop the more robust, flavorful variety of pineapple which La Dona Fruit is known for today.
  • 2002
We start collaborating with the Panamanian government to import the first Golden Pineapple seeds from the Dole-Del Monte operations in Costa Rica.
  • 2006
Launch of the first fruit packhouse in Panama’s La Chorrera area. Also, La Dona Fruit becomes Global Gap Exporter certified.
  • 2007
Edna Vergara – founder and owner of La Dona Fruit – becomes the first female winner of the Agricultural Person of the year award, inspiring local female workers and farmers.
  • 2009
Our packhouse reaches its peak production capacity of 500 containers of fruit annually. As a result, we export more than 9.6 million kilograms of golden pineapples to more than 10 countries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • 2018
Together with Farmfolio, an agriculture finance company, we launch a sustainable pineapple operation, Panama Golden Pineapple (PGP) in the hope of spreading our vision of sustainable and profitable pineapple farming.

by Farmfolio team