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Tapping the Potential of Colombian Lime
Launched in August of 2019, Valle Verde is a venture that will source and pack sustainably-grown Tahiti limes. Valle Verde’s packhouse will be the first export-quality facility of its kind in proximity to Colombia’s Caribbean ports. The project’s unique location allows it to source from ideal lime-producing regions such as Quindio, Santander, and Antioquia. As Colombian lime gains recognition in global markets, Colombian orange farmers are shifting their production towards lime, seeks to centralize, formalize, and standardize lime exports in the region. The packing facility will provide Farmfolio an opportunity to converge with our international trade desks and provide Colombian lime farmers with a global outlet.


One of the most ubiquitous fruits on the market, limes are a staple in many popular culinary traditions. The vibrant green color and characteristic sour flavor make lime an iconic citrus fruit. With huge markets in Europe and North America and growing demand in emerging markets, the potential of lime cultivation for export is tremendous.

However, supply is limited to a handful of locations, and this dependency has led to volatility in pricing. Inclement weather and global trade tensions have caused severe price spikes in high-end markets. To meet growing worldwide demand, new sources of this increasingly popular citrus fruit must be explored.

With its gentle climate, business-friendly government, and easy access to high-end markets in the USA and Europe, Colombia is an ideal location for large-scale lime production. Rapidly developing infrastructure and readily available agricultural land set Colombia apart as a country with tremendous potential.

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