Farmfolio is proud to present LOTs, a new opportunity that will provide revolutionary access to the ag space. LOTs, or Land Ownership Titles, are subdivided portions of a larger farm that are available for direct purchase. This unique land sale structure widens the range of potential participants in farmland ownership by reducing the large capital requirements for agriculture.


LOTs are more than an opportunity to purchase a developed piece of farmland – they are an integrated, turnkey system for farm ownership with secure solutions for management and commercialization. LOT owners enter into a Farmowner’s Association – similar to HOAs – and can collectively enter into farm management contracts and year-round offtake agreements with established, vetted companies.

land ownership titlesClick Here to View the LOTS Brochure

Join the Farmfolio executive team for this exciting announcement as we enter into this new phase of our journey. From the beginning, Farmfolio’s goal has been to democratize the ag space and provide access to this uniquely resilient and essential asset class. We invite you to join us on Saturday, October 24 as we take the next step towards realizing this vision.

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