Increased demand for this quintessential summer fruit has led to suppliers developing ways to make mangos available all year long!

Massachusetts-based Morning Kiss Organic has partnered with growers from Mexico, Peru, and Ecuador in order to source a steady supply of quality produce. By utilizing multiple sources and offering at least three varieties (Kent, Tommy Atkins, and Keitt mangos, specifically), this importer is making sure the mango bowl always stays full.


In the conventionally-grown produce arena, Texas-based Frontera Produce and Miami-based Continental Fresh are moving forward with a collaboration to bring both mangos and limes to customers throughout the year.

This partnership will allow the Continental’s Central and South American growers to be supplemented by Frontera’s Mexican and Peruvian sources, allowing mangos for all, all year round.

Additionally, there’s hope that this collaboration will lead to higher quality assurance for both brands.

While mangos can be a high-maintenance crop, the increased demand ensures that growers will find new ways to carefully farm, pack, and ship this delicate fruit, so consumers can savor their favorite treat throughout the year from now on.

The increased demand and resulting production make mangos a smart and steady investment that’s sure to sweeten up any portfolio!

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