In this second episode of Money Harvest, Farmfolio CEO Dax Cooke sits down with Peter Badger of Global Investor Alliance to discuss the market conditions for Valle Verde, our Tahiti Lime project in Colombia. Despite some market fluctuations due to COVID-19, Tahiti lime is a staple product in European markets, fetching a consistent price despite seasonal declines in production from Mexico and Brazil. These declines, which occur in the winter months, create a significant opportunity for Colombian limes to penetrate into the lucrative markets of France, Germany, and the UK.

But market are demanding, and precise specifications on size, color, and freshness must be met. Until now, Colombia has had no in-country facility capable of consistently meeting these expectations. Valle Verde’s packhouse will be the only facility equipped with the latest packing technology from Mexico, which features specialized modules for categorizing weight and color, and will make the Valle Verde facility uniquely positioned to enter the market with Colombian limes.

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