Podcast / October 3, 2020

Money Harvest Episode 6: Farmland as an Asset Class

Join Dax Cooke and Peter Badger for another round of Money Harvest, your source for insights on agribusiness. In this episode, Dax and Peter explore the unique nature of farmland as an asset class, comparing it to more traditional asset classes, from alternatives like gold to run-of-the-mill stocks and bonds.

In a world where massive inflation seems inevitable due to the unprecedented quantitative easing unleashed by the Fed and other central banks, even previously secure alternatives like gold seem crowded and overbought. In this environment, farmland is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of investors seeking non-correlated, real assets.

Beyond its use as an inflation hedge, farmland benefits from the double-whammy of appreciation and cash yields. Often called ‘gold with a coupon’, farmland is a secure asset class whose value, theoretically, can never drop to zero. This has made farmland an attractive asset class for a wide range of investors, including major institutions.

Don’t miss out on this insightful discussion, and stay tuned for more from the Farmfolio team!

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