Farmfolio founder and CEO Dax Cooke likes to be on the road. Last week, he visited the Colombian cities of Cali and Caldas, where he toured Tahiti lime packhouses and farms on behalf of the Valle Verde project. With the project`’s own packhouse facility quickly nearling launch, Valle Verde has ramped up sourcing and exporting activities, shipping containers to Europe and the United States over recent weeks.

One key advantage of Colombian lime is the capacity to source year-round, and to that end, the regions of Manizales and Cartago are crucial. Each market is different, and it is key to explain to the sorters the specific defects and requirements that each individual market entails. Shipping to wholesale markets in Europe, for example, can be very different from shipping to retail clients in the US, and meeting customer expectations has been a point of focus for the project.

Later in the day, Dax took a short charter flight out to Manizales, a high-altitude region that will be providing limes to Valle Verde during the crucial winter months, when Brazil and Mexico are in the off-season and prices are high. Building strong relationships with growers has been an essential component of the Valle Verde strategy from the start, and will pay off when it comes time to export during the Colombian high season.

Thanks for joining the Farmfolio team on our adventures around Colombia. See you next time!



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