Farmfolio COO Oscar Baracaldo is on the road once again, overseeing the packing of Valle Verde’s Tahiti limes from Colombia at our auxiliary packhouse facility. This will be the final shipment of limes from the facility, as we prepare for the opening of Valle Verde’s own packhouse in Uraba in the coming weeks.

This is an exciting time for the project, not only due to the imminent opening of the packhouse, but also because of our increasing presence in markets through the La Dona brand. La Dona, founded in Panama over 30 years ago by pineapple grower Edna Vergara, matron of the well-known Vergara family, has quickly established itself in markets as a provider of premium pineapple, and we have leveraged that reputation to create interest in Tahiti limes from Colombia.

Capable of harvesting year-roun, Colombia is an ideal origin for limes due to its variety of climactic conditions and altitudes. By packing at a third-party facility before the opening of our packhouse, we have been able to gain crucial market awareness, improve our logistical efficiencies, and build a reputation in markets. Stay up-to-date with Farmfolio as we prepare for the launch of Valle Verde’s facility. It’s going to be huge!

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