Agroforestry / October 2, 2019

Panama Golden Pineapple Update with Paul Vergara

Panama Golden Pineapple Update. Join Dax Cooke and Paul Vergara for the first full audit of our pineapple plantation in Panama! In this video, Dax and Paul take a complete tour of the farm, visiting each lot to verify yields, check on environmental conditions, and explain natural phenomenon that affect the fruit. This in-depth update provides a highly comprehensive view of our current operations, as well as our plans for the future. Enjoy!


A Tradition of Quality Pineapple Production

Panama Golden Pineapple is a 117-hectare pineapple farm in La Chorrera, Panama. The original farm was founded by Edna Vergara in 1977. And relaunched in partnership with Farmfolio in 2017. The ideal balance of rainfall and sunlight in the La Chorrera region allows PGP to focus on high-color; high-maturity fruit with unparalleled flavor and sweetness. The farm’s proximity to international shipping routes including Tocumen airport and both Atlantic and Pacific ports, provides PGP with direct access to global markets. PGP began exports in February of 2019, and is the exclusive farm of the La Dona brand, which is the number one pineapple exporter in Panama. And it has seen great success with air-freighted pineapple.

In the last ten years, growth in global production of pineapple by volume has increased nearly four-fold to a global wholesale market close to USD 15 billion. With the fruit now outselling avocado as the most sought-after fruit in high-end markets such as the United Kingdom. Although production is heavily concentrated in Costa Rica, growing demand necessitates the geographic expansion of production. And the lush coastal lowlands of Panama are an ideal location.