With avocado production booming this year, producers in Peru are looking to celebrate their success! Regions that were previously used to produce cotton have seen a large uptick in farmers switching to avocados as their main crop, as demand stays high around the world for this deliciously creamy green fruit.

The water and land rich province of Chincha, in particular, has seen a dramatic rise in farming, packaging, and exporting avocados, and celebrated the agricultural success with a festival showcasing the many products created with avocados, such as avocado honey and personal care products made with avocado oil.


Meanwhile, farmers in Chile are also looking to cash in on this cash crop by exploring methods for growing avocados on steep hillsides with the help of drones.

In Colombia, pollination with bees is being explored as a way to produce higher crop yields, and throughout the world, prices are expected to drop due to the high volume of fruit available with this alternating-year crop’s long-awaited “heavy year”.

While lower prices mean consumers won’t have to worry about choosing between their avocado toast and buying a house this harvest season, increased interest in avocado farming mean that opportunities are quickly becoming available to invest in this incredible, profitable crop.

Demand keeps increasing with no end in sight, and with new technologies and land available to boost production, it’s not too far-fetched to think that investing in avocados might actually help buy a house in the future!

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