Fresh, sweet summer berries are always in high demand, and if there’s one continent that’s set to meet that demand, it’s South America.

Blueberry production in Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador is experiencing a boom. This countries are shipping bountiful harvests of the sweet blue fruit to China and Europe, while also satisfying increasing domestic demands.

Ecuador in particular is proving to be an excellent location for blueberries, with initial investments as low as US $40,000 per hectare to get started growing, an amount that many producers are able to recoup in their first year.

What’s Driving the Berry Boom?

With demand from the US and China on the rise with no end in sight, it’s no wonder investors and entrepreneurs are diving into production across the board.

Each region has unique challenges for blueberry-driven success, but plenty of excited growers, packers, and investors are ready to find some highly profitable solutions.


Looking Towards The Future

Blueberries dominate the South American growing scene at the moment. But the success of one berry might very well be an indicator of success for the rest.

Strawberries are another fruit that see constantly high demand. With rain hampering harvests from California, and Mexican berries freezing before they can ripen, it makes sense that strawberry-hungry consumers will start to eye other regions to ensure a steady supply.

Chile may be leading the way in this effort, as they currently supply 5.4% of the imports to the U.S. of frozen strawberries. With prepared fruits already serving as an entry point, it’s simply a matter of boosting production.

While berry-rich Germany may have the European market cornered when it comes to supply, consistently high demand means that newcomers will always have a chance.

For South American countries, this means that Europe isn’t out of reach. Prospective supplies simply need to ensure their production, regulation, and packing efforts all fall into place.

If all this talk about bright, delicious berries has piqued your appetite, be sure to try out a fresh summer recipe like this fresh berry shortcake! This dish is easy to prepare and perfect to enjoy while contemplating how berry sweet life can be.

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