Teak & Coconut Update with Dax Cooke and Roman Gaus! on youtube

Farmfolio founder Dax Cooke takes a tour of our Burroteka and Pietrasanta projects together with our new Head of Investment Strategies, Roman Gaus!


We deliver a wide spectrum of high-quality teak products, including rough blocks, flooring, and decking. Teak is one of the most durable, visually appealing, and versatile hardwoods on the market, and we focus on high-grade, high-value cuts of teak for shipment to international customers. Our seed-to-saw tracking system ensures complete traceability and sustainability.

Our blocks are cut to maximize teak yield, ensuring we get the most wood out of every tree that we process. The square cuts can be customized to suit customer needs, while also helping minimize waste. Once cut, the teak blocks are ready to be milled, carved, cut, or even glued to produce exquisite teak products.

Teak is one of the most versatile and visually appealing hardwoods, and our thinner and ready-to-install teak planks are weather-resistant and durable, making them perfect for marine decking and outdoor furniture.

We focus on giving our customers the very best cuts of timber, for whatever project they have in mind. Our current offerings allow for endless creativity, all while conserving the natural beauty of the wood. We focused on delivering the best quality teak with every single cut.


The Malayan Dwarf Coconut Palm is one of the most resilient and productive varieties of the palm tree on Earth. In this case, ‘dwarf’ does not refer to the size of the tree but rather the early stage at which the Malayan Dwarf can begin producing harvestable coconuts. Highly resistant to the devastating Lethal Yellowing plant disease. The Malayan Dwarf is one of the most popular varieties for export.

Global coconut export markets are increasing at a considerable rate. 2018’s total export figures recorded a 107.2% increase over 2012’s export numbers, and the export market has posted a 7.3% average annual increase over the past 11 years. The source of increasingly popular consumer products such as oil, milk, and snacks; coconuts present a unique opportunity to integrate the agribusiness supply chain and create value for investors.

During Q2 2018, the farm received the first official ICA (Colombian Agricultural Department) Certification in the country, thus becoming the only source of exportable Colombian coconuts to date. More recently, Pietrasanta also received its plantation certification. Which paves the way as the farm gets ready to apply for Global GAP and USDA organic certifications in 2019.

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