Article / October 16, 2020

Valle Verde Official Inauguration

What a show!

Last Thursday, we held an official inauguration ceremony for Valle Verde, our Tahiti lime packhouse facility in Colombia, and we’re proud to say that the event was a resounding success!


The event was attended by over 100 people, both in-person and online, and has been very well received by the media. So far, the story has been picked up by major fresh produce news sites, including Fresh Fruit Portal and The Packer.

“The Tahiti lime industry has taken a major step forward today,” said Oscar Baracaldo, COO of Farmfolio. “We’re proud to be driving economic development forward here in the Urabá region, and we look forward to a bright and prosperous future for Valle Verde and the community.”

“Making this happen took tremendous effort, and we’re extremely proud of the hard work that went into making this project a reality,” said Dax Cooke, Farmfolio CEO. “It was more than just our great staff here at Valle Verde and Farmfolio – we want to thank our network of growers for choosing to participate in this new project. They have the quality, and we have the international sales channels, and together we can build strong, long-lasting relationships.”

“This is really an incredible project,” said Mauricio Valencia, Plant Manager at Valle Verde. “I’ve been in charge of a number of packhouse facilities here in Antioquia, and so I know that this is really high-quality. We’ve also done a great job building up our capacity in terms of human resources, and we have built a highly effective team”

The Valle Verde inauguration event will be a great source of both domestic and foreign press for us, and will help the project expand its network of local growers. Moving forward, we will continue to promote the Valle Verde project and the value it generates for investors and local communities.