Agroforestry / October 1, 2019

Valle Verde Update with Miguel Fernandez

Don’t miss out on the first major update on Farmfolio‘s most recent venture, Valle Verde LP. In this video, Oscar Baracaldo takes us through various plantations, speaks with local growers, and offers insight on future plans. Capital raising has crossed the halfway point, and market trials are set to begin in the coming months. They are in preparation for the official launch in the spring of next year. Valle Verde is already moving at a tremendous pace, so make sure to check in regularly for the latest news. See you next time!

Valle Verde, Farmfolio’s latest opportunity, seeks to raise $2.5 million in capital towards the sourcing, packing, and distribution of Tahiti limes from Colombia. The facility will utilize the latest packing technology from Mexico, and will be the only facility of its kind in the region. Valle Verde’s limes will be marketed primarily by Farmfolio’s La Dona Fruit brand. It utilizing Farmfolio’s global presence to introduce the world to exquisite Colombian limes. Valle Verde will also provide private label services to importers throughout the world.

One of the most dynamic and sought-after tropical fruits on the market, limes have become a mainstay for consumers all over the globe. And also demand shows no signs of slowing. As an origin, Colombia shows tremendous potential – many of its citrus growers have converted their orange groves to lime plantations. And also the ideal growing conditions in Colombia produce limes with robust skin and rich coloration. However, the region lacks a modern. It centralized packing facility and the global recognition to enter markets, which receive limes almost exclusively from Mexico and Brazil. Valle Verde is bridging the supply-chain gap between local growers and international markets for Colombian lime.