Assets Under Management

Our dynamic management services are driving agribusiness forward.

Farmfolio is committed to creating value across the agricultural supply chain. Whether we are working together with local partners or operating our own ventures, each of our projects is managed with a view towards sustainability, social responsibility, and increased valuation.

Assets Under Management

Farmfolio manages $54 million in assets across the agricultural supply chain, currently focusing on tropical fruit and hardwoods. With Latin America serving as our current base of operations, we take a hands-on approach to guiding our projects towards success. Our management strategy is to add value, mitigate risk, and serve our global network of investors by directing all of our projects with a view towards long-term yield.
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Generate long-term yield by investing in the future of agribusiness

Opportunities for investment exist at all phases of the agricultural supply chain, and it is Farmfolio’s goal to seek them out. By cultivating an informed, disciplined approach to investment, we are able to locate and develop attractive, high-yield opportunities.


Every relationship that Farmfolio builds is based on interest alignment. By understanding the unique goals of our investors, we are able to identify opportunities that suit their needs. Farmfolio structures trust-based relationships with our investors, partners, growers, and all of our stakeholders, in order to create shared value and returns.

Our Community

Farmfolio is based on maintaining close relationships: with growers, investors, and everyone in the company’s community. Here you can learn more about the people who make Farmfolio work. Together, we are creating the future of agribusiness investment.

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