Farmfolio's Growth-Oriented Hardwood Teak Processing Facility

Located in Montería, Colombia, Burroteka is a state-of-the-art sawmill dedicated to teak processing. The only centralized, value-added teak processing facility in the region, Burroteka has sparked a convergence of Colombia's teak industry. By providing a local outlet for the primary transformation of teak, Burroteka has formalized the Colombian teak supply chain and provided access to global markets. Beginning exports in August of 2019, Burroteka has quickly established itself as the top clean-cut sawn teak exporter in the country. Burroteka is now capable of producing over 1200 cubic meters of sawn teak per month, and its brand is introducing the world to exquisite Colombian teak.

Fixed Assets
Valuation by Year
Sawmill Implementation Begins

After two rounds of financing in the form of GP and GP II, construction begins on the Burroteka sawmill in Montería, Colombia.

Sawmill Implementation Finished

The Burroteka sawmill was completed in June of 2019, and production began soon after. Reaching full capacity at some time, the Burroteka team worked hard to streamline production.

Shipments to International Clients Begin

In August of 2019, Burroteka begins shipping high-quality cuts of teak to India.

Burroteka reaches 400m3 out put per-month

Despite of the heavy rains, during the month of October Burroteka reaches +400 m3 of wood output.



Burroteka's sawmill is managed by an expert team led by German forestry specialist Adelbert Lazay. Currently consisting of 30 employees, the team oversees safety, production on the sawline, sawdust evacuation, woodcut categorization, and many other tasks. Together with Farmfolio's corporate team, which handles brand development, HR, accounting, and other issues, Burroteka has been able to optimize production and begin shipping to international clients.