A Tradition of Quality Pineapple Production

Panama Golden Pineapple is a 117-hectare pineapple farm in La Chorrera, Panama. The original farm was founded by Edna Vergara in 1977, and relaunched in partnership with Farmfolio in 2017. The ideal balance of rainfall and sunlight in the La Chorrera region allows PGP to focus on high-color, high-maturity fruit with unparalleled flavor and sweetness. The farm's proximity to international shipping routes, including Tocumen airport and both Atlantic and Pacific ports, provides PGP with direct access to global markets. PGP began exports in February of 2019, and is the exclusive farm of the La Dona brand, which is the number one pineapple exporter in Panama, and has seen great success with air-freighted pineapple

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Valuation by Year
Edna Vergara Begins Her Journey

With one hectare of land and a vision that would change the landscape of Panamanian agriculture forever, Edna Vergara set out in the world of agriculture. Originally a poultry farmer with her husband, Edna began experimenting with several exotic fruits and vegetables on a small tract of land on the outskirts of Panama. Most of the produce was sold at farmer markets and the proceeds were used to keep the operation going.

Edna Vergara Wins Agricultural Person of the Year

For her vision, perseverance, and innovation in the agricultural sector, Edna Vergara is granted the prestigious Agricultural Person of the Year award. This honor cements her status as a highly respected figure in Panamanian agriculture.

Farmfolio Joins the Family Business

When Paul Vergara reached out to us about raising additional capital for the expansion of his family's pineapple farm, we knew we had a tremendous opportunity on our hands. Sensing the family's passion and experience, we carried out two rounds of financing that expanded the Vergara family's operation.

New Equiment Arrivals

Panama Golden Pineapple includes 2 new additions to the fleet.

25 Hectare Expansion Completed

The PGP team successfully implements a 25-hectare expansion to the farm.



The Vergara family is the cornerstone of the Panama Golden Pineapple team, with Edna and her son Paul overseeing the farm's day-today operations and helping direct the trajectory of the project. The farm team handles such responsibilities as irrigation, seed growth, trimming, and maintenance. Dax Cooke acts as Head of Global Sales and Development for La Dona, the brand which delivers PGP's delicious pineapples to the world. In addition, PGP makes use of our corporate team at Farmfolio headquarters in Medellín, where accounting, HR, and legal tasks are carried out.