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As a BiggerPockets reader, you already know the power and potential of passive income from real estate.

What you might not know is that there is a real estate asset class that has consistently delivered higher returns than other investments with significantly less volatility, but it’s often avoided because it is perceived to be very capital, labor, and knowledge intensive.


Watch this short video to see how Farmfolio has made farmland ownership easy for everyone.

Now that you understand how it works, learn more about our newest opportunity by downloading the La Frontera lime farm brochure.

This incredible 103-cuadra (66-hectare), 22,542 tree property is located in Valle del Cauca, Colombia, and it has been hand-picked by the Farmfolio team for its high percentage of export quality limes.

With young trees delivering higher returns and very strong capital appreciation over the medium- to long-term, global lime demand soaring, and established selling agreements in place, this a very rewarding chance to add farmland to your portfolio.

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Our La Frontera brochure gives you more information about the property, region, and expected returns.

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