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Collateralized Agribusiness Notes, or CANs, are Farmfolio' s response to the need for access to debt-based investment vehicles in the emerging market agriculture space. These multipurpose instruments will finance the many time-based transactions that are so crucial for agricultural development, such as accounts receivables, warehouse receipts, and tax credits. Farmfolio's boots-on-the-ground presence allows us to precisely structure each series of CANs, opening up a world of opportunity to our investors.
  • TC PTY(06/20)
    Issuer Price Interest Rate Payment Duration Call provision Min. Investment
    Finca Funds SA $1,000 7% Quarterly 36 months 24 months $10,000
    Overview This series of CANs will generate returns through the advance purchase of agriculture export tax credits under Panama's Ley 105 tax credit program. Finca Funds SA, a Farmfolio company in Panama, will purchase the rights to tax credits to be issued at a later date from vetted growers. Once issued, tax credits will be sold to third parties at a favorable spread.
    Location Panama
    Collateral These units are collateralized by tax credits issued by the government of Panama, which has a strong international reputation as a reliable issuer of sovereign bonds and other financial instruments.
    Number of CANs 250
    Available CANs 0
    Risk/Reward Risks: Agriculture Operational Risk, Global Trade Risk, Tax Credit Saleability Risk, Tax Credit Approval Risk Rewards: Non-correlated Asset Class, Diversification, Exposure to Emerging Markets, High-Yield, Short Duration, Collateralized, ESG Friendly
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