El Principio Coconut Farm

Coconut LOT Price $65,000
0 Lots Available Out of 30
Crop Variety Coconut
Location El Balsal, Monteria, Colombia

Coconut White Paper

Our report on coconut production for export contains valuable information on coconut varieties, growth cycles, startup times, regions of production, permanent crops, market risks, value-added production, and more.

El Principio

El Principio is an incredible 30-LOT (30-hectare) farm of Malayan Dwarf coconut palm trees, a unique, disease resistant hybrid variety that thrives in Colombia’s coastal lowlands. The land is a subdivision that was originally part of Farmfolio’s 230-LOT (230-hectare) Pietrasanta farm, which was newly planted in 2016 and 2017. This subdivision is now harvesting coconuts, and benefits from plentiful water sources, rich soil, and an ideal proximity to major ports, making El Principio the perfect turnkey income generating farmland ownership opportunity.


The Pietrasanta property is located on a lush, fertile tract of land near the city of Montería, Colombia, in the heart of the coastal region of Córdoba. With a warm and moderately humid tropical climate, and average yearly temperatures of 80°F (27°C) , this beautiful and historic region is an ideal location for large-scale growing and harvesting of high quality coconuts.

Property Map

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