Las Lomas Lime Farm

Tahiti Lime LOT Price $41,000
0 Lots Available Out of 93
Crop Variety Tahiti Lime
Location Alcalá, Quindío, Colombia

Las Lomas Brochure

Las Lomas is a beautiful Tahiti lime farm located in the incredible Quindío region of Colombia.


The Las Lomas farm is a stunning Tahiti lime farm located in the spectacular Quindío region of Colombia. This 93-LOT (64-hectare) property consists of 20,241 trees ranging from one to four years in age, and the limes currently being grown and harvested are consistently achieving an export-quality rating of over 70%.

These limes are sold directly to the Valle Verde lime packhouse as part of a fixed-price agreement. This established relationship is one of the key benefits of the opportunity, as it will provide consistent and considerable annual harvest income for Las Lomas farmland owners.


Las Lomas is strategically located along one of the region’s major highways, features a well-developed internal infrastructure, and is located in an area that is considered prime farm real estate.

Quindío is known for its rolling hills and rich farming traditions, and is considered one of Colombia’s most productive agricultural regions with a temperate climate that is ideal for growing a wide variety of crops, especially Tahiti limes.

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