Los Nevados Lime Farm

Tahiti Lime LOT Price $45,000
0 Lots Available Out of 47
Crop Variety Tahiti Lime
Location Quimbaya, Quindío
Tree Count 200 Trees per LOT

Lime White Paper

Read this comprehensive overview of Tahiti limes including markets, regions of productions, best practices, forecasts, and more. The data contained in this report is the foundation of our Valle Verde lime operation.

Los Nevados

Los Nevados is a productive, 30-hectare Tahiti lime farm located in the magnificent Quindio region of Colombia. More than just an idyllic setting, the region is a robust agricultural hotspot with excellent climate, elevation, and soil conditions. One of the cultural and historical epicenters of the country, El Quindio is also central to the country’s forthcoming 4G infrastructure project, which will connect the region to Colombia’s major ports through an extensive series of bridges, tunnels, and roads.

Farm Subdivision

LOTs, or Land Ownership Titles, represent a subdivided portion of a larger farmland property. This series of LOTs will focus on a unique property – a 30 hectare Tahiti lime farm in Colombia’s Quindio region. Each LOT represents one cuadra, a Colombian system of measurement equal to .64 hectares, or 6,400 m². Using the cuadra system will facilitate the subdivision process. Returns will be distributed based on percentage participation, not on the individual yield of a given LOT.


The Los Nevados property features a main hacienda structure of 430 m², a collection warehouse (250 m²), four field sheds (30m² each), and 10km of inner road access.

Property Video

Property Map

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