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As a Farmland Riches reader, you already know that farmland can be an incredibly powerful tool in your portfolio to generate ongoing passive income while building significant wealth from long-term land appreciation. Plus it offers much less volatility than other asset classes, even during periods with slow economic growth, rising taxes, and high inflation.

Yet historically it’s been overlooked because owning farmland is perceived to be very capital, labor, and knowledge intensive. But now there is a better, easier way.

Farmfolio’s mission is to make farmland ownership easy for everyone. We use an advanced data-driven approach to identify the most productive land, buy it, and then offer small subdivided plots called LOTs to individual owners. And while it’s your land, there is no sweat equity involved. Our expert team manages everything from seed to shelf including land development, property management, harvesting, packing, sales, and profit distribution back to LOT owners.

Watch this short video to see how it works.

Now that you understand how LOTs is transforming individual farmland ownership, learn more about our newest opportunity by downloading the Las Lomas lime farm brochure.

This 93-LOT (64-hectare) property consists of 20,241 trees ranging from one to four years in age, and the limes currently being grown and harvested are consistently achieving an export-quality rating of over 70%, meaning were able to export a large percentage of the fruit to the international market for 3x the price of the domestic market.

Las Lomas is over 90 percent reserved, so you’ll want to act fast to take advantage of this exceptional farmland ownership opportunity.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

Our Las Lomas brochure gives you more information about the property, region and expected returns.

Las Lomas Brochure

Las Lomas Brochure

Las Lomas is a beautiful Tahiti lime farm located in the incredible Quindío region of Colombia.

Las Lomas Brochure

Las Lomas is a beautiful Tahiti lime farm located in the incredible Quindío region of Colombia.

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Farmfolio LOTs are the perfect turnkey system to earn consistent income while benefiting from farmland appreciation. To learn more, please contact one of our Farmfolio representatives: Tom or Zack.

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