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Sold OutSold Out
Average 10 Year Yield *18.67%
Unit Price**$1,000
Available SharesSold Out
Average Yield *20.74%
Unit Price **$1,000

Located in the caribbean coastal region of Colombia, Ganaderia Pietrasanta (GP) is a 1270 acre (514 ha) majestic tropical landscape. Comprised of 164 acres (66 ha) of high quality Teak, 36 acres (15 ha) of Organic Passion fruit production as well as 1070 acres (433 ha) of intensive grass fed cattle grazing.

This property is one of three ranches that used to make part of the region’s iconic farm “La Antioqueña”, a ranch that was built and developed in 1910 by Jose Maria Posada, grandfather to Mauricio Posada, current CEO of GP. “El Balsal”, as the ranch was initially named, is located 1 hour outside the city of Montería, Capital of Córdoba. Known for its plentiful water sources, rich soil and short distance to Colombia’s most prominent ports, Cordoba is the ideal location for agriculture development in Colombia.

Available Shares150
Average 9 Year Yield *12.31%
Unit Price**$2,000

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Panama Golden Pineapple

La Chorrera, Panama
Current Ann. Return18.67%
Gross Ann. ReturnN/A
Product TypeN/A
Fully Reserved

Ganaderia Pietrasanta II

Monteria, Colombia
Current Ann. Return20.74%
Gross Ann. Return
Product Type
cashing in

Ganaderia Pietrasanta

Monteria, Colombia
Current Ann. Return
Gross Ann. Return
Product Type