What are Farmshares?

Farmshares are modern agricultural investments. By providing direct access to agriculture equity, Farmshares allow discerning investors to diversify into an asset class that offers both historical stability and dynamic growth potential.

FarmShares As a shareholder of the company you will own the rights to a pro-rata share of all profits received.

Shares of each project are limited to maximum numbers in order to avoid dilution and maximize shareholder returns.

Our expert team of agriculture experts selects only the highest quality projects and managers to ensure that Farmshare holders are rewarded with the highest possible return.

Investment generating value

directly on Supply Chain

Highly On Demand produce

is carefully Grown, Processed,
Packed, Imported & Sold

When do I start receving a return?


Each Farmfolio project has its own prospectus that gives details on when projected returns are paid and how they will be paid. Typically, dividend payments are received on a semi-annual basis and statements will be generated on a quarterly basis.


Customize a portfolio of Farmshares to meet your Investment Goals

Cash Flows
  • Short-TermBegins in 2 years or less
  • IntermediateBegins in 2-7 Years
  • Long-Term8+ years
Investment Type
  • GrowthThis category is for those looking for minimal income and high appreciation
  • BalanceThis is a blend of growth and income categories
  • IncomeThis category is for those looking primarily for consistent income
Risk Scale
  • Climate Risk1-10
  • Currency Risk1-10
  • Political Risk1-10