What are Farmshares?

Get Access to Agriculture Equity.

FarmsharesFarmshares are modern agricultural investments. By providing direct access to agriculture equity, Farmshares allow investors to diversify into an asset class that offers both historical stability and dynamic growth potential. Whether you choose a project that focuses on farming, processing, or the movement of agricultural goods, Farmshares give you access to equity in large-scale agricultural projects that are traditionally only available to major institutional investors. Considering the increasing food needs of a constantly expanding global population and a decline in the availability of arable land as a result of climate change, the time to unlock the potential of agriculture in your portfolio is now.


When do I start receiving returns?

To protect every investor from share dilution and maximize their returns, each project issues a limited number of shares. As a shareholder, you will own the rights to a prorated portion of all profits. Due to a high demand for each project, Farmfolio offers share liquidation options through our sales desk. Comprehensive quarterly shareholder statements are issued to our investors. Dividend disbursement, holding period details, investment objectives, and other pertinent information about each project is available in that project’s full prospectus.

The Farmshares Approach

Farmfolio’s industry experts screen and vet each potential Farmshares project. After due diligence has been conducted with regard to project, management, legal, and financial factors, we proceed with a select few opportunities and conduct the work necessary to make them available to our investors. In addition, we continue to work closely with our partner farmers and landowners to forge strong, transparent relationships and a culture of accountability, teamwork, and commitment to best practices.

The Farmshares Advantage

By opening our growing global network of agribusiness relationships to private investors through Farmshares, we are providing access to a previously untapped asset class. The unique opportunities that direct agricultural development provide are an exciting and dynamic way to diversify and grow. Farmfolio’s strong industry expertise and experience in developing lasting relationships with landowners and farmers make us the best way for investors to gain equity in a rapidly growing industry that supports meaningful sustainability around the globe.