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Investing in the Future of Agribusiness

One of mankind's earliest economic activities, agriculture is as old as civilization itself. But now, with modern investment strategies, agriculture can be directed in a way that supports communities, facilitates development, and generates long-term yield for investors.

Farm Guest Memoirs

Heinz Berger
I saw what I needed to see: steady growth and a promising future!
"The Vergara family does a great job. After spending time on location and talking to them in person, I am 100% confident in the way they understand and conduct their pineapple business."
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Jerome Hartigan
PGP Impressed My Toughest Investing Critic
"Panama Golden Pineapple (and Pietrasanta) met and exceeded these expectations. In addition to beautiful settings, it was clear that these projects are maintaining the commitment of the original family farmers. For someone coming in from the outside, witnessing that level of on-the-ground investment and history is confidence inspiring."
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Karen Williams
People, Planet, and Profit – Our Trip to Ganadería Pietrasanta
"When reviewing Farmfolio’s opportunities, I particularly liked the diversification within the Pietrasanta project. I love to see multiple independent income streams! After spending time at PGP and GP, I found the operators to be knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. I am proud to invest in their business and support their efforts."
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Tim Faust
From a Virtual Reality Tour to A Horseback Tour & Everything in the Middle
"From our first meeting in Phoenix, I felt that Dax and Oscar were sincere and knew what they were doing. My time in Colombia and Panama—seeing the operations, meeting the managers, and walking the property myself—assured me that my trust was well placed."
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