Get the answers to common questions about Farmfolio and Agribusiness.


How can I get more information about a specific investment?

Please feel free to contact us directly at [email protected] or (888) 565-9941. Please include the name of the specific investment opportunity that interests you on the subject line.

How does Farmfolio work?

Farmfolio is an online investment platform that brings together investors and landowners. Through Farmfolio, accredited or institutional investors can participate in pre-identified agriculture investment opportunities with as little as $1,000. Legal document signatures and fund transfers can all be handled securely through our online platform, so that investors can complete the entire transaction through the website or with our representatives. Inquire about current offerings at [email protected].

How do investors earn returns?

Each Farmfolio project has its own prospectus, which outline the specifics of the project, including when dividends are paid and how they are paid. Typically, dividend payments are received on a semi-annual basis through direct fund transfers and statements are generated on a quarterly basis.

What are Farmshares?

Farmshares™ allow investors to participate directly in the agriculture supply chain. Whether investors want to invest in farming, processing, or movement of goods, Farmshares™ give them access to the profits of large-scale agricultural projects, which often are only accessible to large institutional investors.

Who can invest?

Farmfolio’s projects are currently offered to accredited investor based in the United States. Foreign or non-accredited investors may be eligible, please contact [email protected] to find out if you are elegible.

What is a K-1 Form?

Similar to a 1099, a K-1 Form is an accounting of the taxable income for any specific year. Each investor receives one per investment. K-1 Forms are most commonly used in partnerships and in real estate ownership.

Do I need to be accredited to join a company network?

No, you do not need to be accredited to join a company network.

Where are your projects located?

Farmfolio’s projects are mainly located in Central and South America.

What are the tax implications of investing in a Farmfolio project?

 Investors receive a single k1 tax reporting Form at the end of the year, distributions are are made of return of capital and dividend income.
*Farmfolio does not provide tax advise.

What tax documents will I receive?

Investors in Farmfolio’s Farmshares™ program will receive a K1 Form at the end of each year.

How is each project managed?

Each project is established as its own entity and Farmshares™ for the entity are issued based on the size of the project. Once initial shares are issued, they are limited and cannot be diluted. Farmfolio will serve as the general manager of the project in order to ensure proper management and shareholder servicing. Dividends are paid out as profits are received and shareholders will have the opportunity to resell shares on the Farmfolio exchange once minimum holding periods are met.