word listings Common Farmfolio and Agribusiness Concepts


Canal a waterway built to let boats navigate the waters
Capital Capital is any financial asset or the value of an asset.
Capitalization (Cap) Rate Cap Rates measure a property’s yield (return) in a one-year time frame.
Cash crop what a farmer raises, crop or livestock, to sell for money
Cellulose component of plant cell walls that is not digestible by most animals
Cob the large round mass of an ear of corn where kernels grow
Combine a machine used for harvesting grain
Commensalism the symbiotic relationship where one organism benefits and the other is unaffected. An example is found in spiders that benefit from plant leaves in spinning a web on them, while the plant remains unharmed by the presence of the spider.
Commodity an agricultural good
Common Equity Common Equity means that investors have one-to-one (or equal) participation in each dollar invested and any potential profits or losses.
Compaction the compression of air spaces in the soil by heavy machinery
Corn Ears the part of a corn plant containing the corn cob, husk, and kernels
Corn Husk the leaf like layer on the outside of corn ears, also known as a "shuck"
Cradle a tool used for gathering a crop once it is finished growing
Crowdfunding Funding a product, idea, or venture using small amounts of money raised from the “crowd."
Cultivate to improve the land by plowing and fertilizing