word listings Common Farmfolio and Agribusiness Concepts


Ecology the study of the environment and how living things interact with it
Ecosystem a community of living and non-living things that interact by exchanging matter and energy
Environment physical surroundings; all that is around you
Enzymes proteins that start a chemical reaction
Equity As it relates to real estate, equity can be measured as the amount of capital a sponsor (property owner/developer) puts into a property.
Erosion to wear away topsoil by water or wind and can be caused by intensive farming and overgrazing
Ethanol a form of natural gas that can be produced from corn
Eutrophication of a water system is caused by a high concentration of nutrients (e.g. from high fertiliser or manure runoff) entering into it and creating an ecological imbalance. This can lead to abnormally high levels of growth of algae and aquatic plants such as water hyacinths in rivers and lakes. This growth decreases oxygen levels in the water which has serious implications for the survival of other organisms in the system and, consequently, on food supply and biodiversity.
Excrete to get rid of waste, such as manure
Expense cost or charge of money
Extension Agency an outreach arm of an agricultural university which provides educational programs on farming and does research