word listings Common Farmfolio and Agribusiness Concepts


Fallow left wihtout tilling or sowing after plowing
Farm Bureau a non-governmental political agency that works for farmers' rights
Farmshares™ Farmshares™ allow investors to invest directly into the agriculture supply chain. Whether investors want to invest in farming, processing, movement of goods, Farmshares™ gives them access to the profits of large scale agriculture projects, which are often only reserved for large institutional investors.
Feed a mixture or preparation used for feeding livestock
Feed Lots a small area where cattle are confined and fed carefully mixed, high-concentrate feed to fatten them
Feeder cattle cattle, ready to be finished for market, weighing 550-650 pounds or heavier
Fertilizer organic or inorganic nutrients that are added to the soil to help the growth of crops
Finances management of money affairs
Fixing in the nitrogen cycle, it is the process of nitrogen changing into a less mobile and more usable form by combining with hydrogen to make amonia
Flail a wooden bar with a wooden handle used for removing grain or seeds from stalks
Free Cash Flow (FCF) Free cash flow is a measure of a property’s ability to generate cash after setting aside reserves for capital expenditures such as future development, tenant improvements, and leasing commissions.