word listings Common Farmfolio and Agribusiness Concepts


Reciprocity the mutual equivalent exchange of goods and services over time.
Recycling when the end product of one system becomes an input and resource for another (e.g. manure from livestock becomes nutrient source for crops; crop residues become nutrient source for soil, or fodder for livestock).
Redemption In the event of back taxes or unpaid liens, a borrower who pays off those debts may reclaim their property, preventing foreclosure or the auctioning of their property.
Regulation A Regulation A allows unaccredited investors to purchase small offerings of securities that do not exceed $5 million in a 12-month period.
Regulation A+ Regulation A+ is the SEC’s proposed revision of the current Regulation A, which was mandated by the JOBS Act in 2012.
Regulation Crowdfunding Outlined in the 2012 JOBS Act, Title III instructed the SEC to create an exemption from registration that, when implemented, will enable issuers to engage in crowdfunding equity offerings to the general investing public.
Regulation D Regulation D permits raises of unlimited amounts from accredited investors without registering a public sale through the SEC, as it’s assumed that accredited investors are financially able to bear the burden of investment decisions without a review by the SEC.
Relay cropping a second crop is started amidst the first crop before it has been harvested, an important example of building the agrobiodiversity buffer in the farm.
Remittance a transfer of money by a foreign worker to his or her family in his or her home country.
Rendering plant a place where lard, tallow, and oil are extracted from animal parts
Resilience being able to buffer shocks and stresses
Retailer a trader that sells directly to individual customers, as in a shop.
Rhizobia soil bacteria that fix Nitrogen after becoming established inside root nodules of legumes. Rhizobia require a plant host as they cannot independently fix nitrogen.
Rhizosphere soil located in the immediate vicinity of plants' roots.
Rotation the changing of the specific fields used for one crop year to year
Row Dividers the large points on the end of a combine used to pick-up corn
Rumen the first large compartment of the stomach of a bovine; its bacteria and protazoa break down cellulose
Ruminant this term comes from the Latin ruminare, which means "to chew over again" as these animals have several stomachs and regurgitate their food from their first stomach, chewing it once again to be able to digest it. Ruminants include cows, buffaloes, goats and sheep, among others.