word listings Common Farmfolio and Agribusiness Concepts


Scythe a blade with a long handle used to cut grass, grain, and other crops
Secured vs Unsecured Position A secured position in the Capital Stack retains the right to foreclose on a property in the event of a default, or non-performance. Unsecured creditors do not have the right to foreclose on the property, and therefore have less collateral backing their investment claim.  
Senior Debt The "base" of the Capital Stack -- Senior Debt is generally secured debt that must be repaid first.
Shear the act of cutting hair or wool
Shock a pile of grain that is set up like a cone
Silage a mixture of raw materials such as field corn, sorghum, grass, or clover that is converted into winter feed for livestock
Sine qua non indispensable
Slaughterhouse a place where animals marketed for meat are killed humanely
Soil Conservation careful preservation or protection of soil
Species a group of living things that share common biological characteristics
Sponsor An individual or firm in charge of finding, acquiring, and managing a piece of real estate.
Steer a bull that has been castrated for better meat production
Stewardship an individual's responsibility to exercise care over possessions entrusted to him or her
Sub-division a piece of land to be divided into smaller lots, typically for housing