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Our History

In 2015, business leaders from a diverse range of backgrounds came together with a shared vision - to create access to prime agricultural assets. The company spent years assessing opportunities across numerous geographical regions, ultimately choosing Colombia for its initial series of projects, and in 2016 established its headquarters in the thriving city of Medellín. Since then, Farmfolio has developed an incredible array of assets in the country, including farm operations, back office services, packing and processing facilities, export and commercialization companies, and more.

Over the next several years, Farmfolio continued to pursue niche opportunities in the Colombian agribusiness space. As the company gathered knowledge, we began to understand that the underlying value of the entire industry was in farmland. After years of investigation, the LOTs structure was developed in order to provide access to the widest possible range of farmowners, and Tahiti lime and coconut were chosen for the initial series of LOTs projects. 

After years of operating in international agribusiness, Farmfolio has developed the experience, personnel, and relationships necessary for long-term success. Our deep connections to local industry, our multidisciplinary team of dedicated agriculture professionals, and our international network of like-minded stakeholders have made Farmfolio the company that it is. Farmfolio will continue to provide access to niche, high-value farmland ownership opportunities going forward.


Our Mission

Generate Long-Term Sustainable Growth

At Farmfolio, we and our stakeholders understand that agriculture is most valuable as a long-term holding. We want to create wealth that will endure the volatility of economic cycles and generate growth even when other assets don’t. That's why we emphasize sustainability in all of our endeavors, both in terms of environmental impact and social responsibility.

Create Shared Value Through Agriculture

We know that wealth is more lasting when it is created through collaboration. Our mission is not only to identify and develop winning opportunities, but to invite like-minded individuals and groups to participate in their success. One of the most crucial aspects of our mission is to create a far-ranging alliance of stakeholders who understand the importance of agriculture.

Connect Global Produce Markets

We believe that the best opportunities involve connecting the right product with the right consumer. That’s why a cornerstone of our strategy is to target emerging markets with strong growth potential and export our goods to other parts of the world. This approach has helped integrate international supply chain, allowing entire industries to further develop.

About us

Our Values


To cultivate long-term value, you need to put down deep roots. This is something that we at Farmfolio have achieved by developing close connections with markets, government agencies, service providers, and other industry actors in the regions where we operate.


In such a rapidly changing world, a successful business must be able to adapt to new circumstances quickly. At Farmfolio, we see the process of adaptation as a constant effort to refine processes, evaluate market conditions, and generate new ideas.


Agriculture provides incredible abundance, and we believe that this abundance multiplies when it is shared fairly. That’s why Farmfolio seeks to share the abundance of agriculture with all of its participants, from stakeholders to fruit packers to farm workers.

Our Process


Farmfolio’s boots-on-the-ground presence allows the company to perform extensive due diligence on our opportunities, putting each potential offering through a data-driven vetting process that involves analysis of agronomical, logistical, and market factors.



Whether it involves planting new trees, taking control of existing farms, or implementing crucial solutions for packing, processing, and export, Farmfolio has been able to bring about rewarding ventures across numerous regions and crop types.



Through its deep connections to stakeholders across international agribusiness supply chains, Farmfolio has created a network of allies and service providers, as well as an in-house team that manages logistics, accounting, human resources, and more.

Our Team

The People Behind Farmfolio

Oscar Baracaldo


Diana Osorio Ramírez

Director of Operations

Yira Angel Roman


Juan Camilo Angel

Director of Production

Luz Aida Montoya

Director Of Human Resources

Juan Pablo Vargas

Director of Land Assessment

Erik Miller

Director Of Communications

Jeremy Siegel

Director Of Quality Control
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